Where is Lymm?…

Where is Lymm?….

Our beautiful village is set in the Cheshire Countryside just south of Warrington. Its growth over the last 20 years or so has changed it from a small village into a major residential commuter area of over 12000 people. It does however still retain its village feel and the abundance of “water features” – Lymm Dam, The Dingle, Slitten Gorge, The Bridgewater Canal – provide areas of natural beauty and leisure facilities. Historically it is a national treasure….

The village centre is a designated conservation area and boasts many historically important features:

Lymm Village Cross and Stocks

Lymm Village Cross and Stocks

An unmistakable focal point in the village centre is the Grade 1 listed Stocks and Village Cross. This distinctive landmark, hewn out of the sandstone rock on which Lymm is built, can be traced back at least to the 17th Century. It is thought that it may even date back to late medieval times as it has 4 pillars and a masonary canopy at the top of a row of steps characteristic of that period. The finials bear the legends “Save Time”, “Think of the Last” and “We are a Shadow”. Three sundials also decorate the west, south and east faces that have chance to reflect the sun’s rays. Many important village activities still attract people around the village cross such as Christmas Eve Carols and Lymm May Queen and the July Lymm Festival.

Lymm September 044Another visually stunning distinctive landmark in Lymm is the Dam. This ever changing woodland surrounding panoramic views of this beautiful lake provides not just a haven for wildlife but also is interlaced with footpaths, enjoyed by visitors and residents alike. This area means many things to many people: the anglers enjoying the tranquillity while waiting for a “bite”; bird watchers seeking out some the more unusual species inhabiting the woodland or fringes of the lake; children playing on the fallen trees and grassy slopes; environmental education rpovided by the ever watchful Rangers…….. This beautiful area was awarded the well deserved prestigious Green Flag award both in 2008 and 2009, the benchmark of excellence for recreational park areas.

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